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We are committed to help make research easy for everyone.


The Marissa Historical and Genealogical Society was founded in 1969 and was incorporated shortly thereafter.  The basic principles of the society are to foster the research of the family roots

  and to preserve and maintain historical records and cultural values for educational purposes.


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Ted Bainbridge, Ph.D of Longmont Colorado recently sent us information on the new Find-a-grave web sit.

Dr. Bainbridge is a researcher, teacher, speaker and writer since 1969 and has taught many beginner and advanced

genealogy classes.  He has had many genealogical and historical article published by dozen of organizations in the United States

and United Kingdom.    Below is his article on suggestions for navigating the new web site for find-a-grave.


On 8 November 2017 changed.  Some changes are cosmetic, while others are functional and a map

feature has been added.

The home page has become a photograph with a few menu selections across the top.  that page is dominated by the

search panel, which functions largely as it did in the past and with the same options for every search box except

those related to location.     The old search panel specified location via pull-down lists for country, state, and county.   The new search panel offers a single box for location, in which you are supposed to type the name of a place.  As you begin to type a

city, county, state or country that box auto-fills with suggested place names which you can select with a mouse click.  Use the American English equivalent of a country name; Germany works but Deutschland doesn't.


The new home page's menu bar goes across the top  of the screen.  Clicking CEMETERIES takes you to a page that lets you

hunt cemeteries in either of two ways.  Near the top left of the page is a search box where you can type a cemetery name.

The auto-fill box works as above.    When you select a name, you see a hit list of cemeteries with that name.  Each

entry on the hit list displays some facts about that cemetery, and a link to its information page.  That page contains

a search box that you can use to hunt for a person's name.


Instead of using that cemetery-name search box, you can use the cemetery=place search box to its right.

Clicking a place name produces a map of cemeteries near that place.  You can zoom the map in or out and can

pan it in any direction.  (If the map doesn't display any marker pins, zoom in.)  After a name is in that search box,

clicking SEARCH leads to a hit list of cemeteries near that place.  Use this hit list the same way you use the other

cemetery search box.


Webmaster note:   I have visited this new site several times since the change, and although it will take some “getting used to” I found it an

improvement over the old.    





Our next meeting will be on January 25, 2018



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1867 - 2017






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Please look through our web site and visit us often, both online and in Marissa, Illinois at 212  N. Main St.   We will be delighted to assist you in anyway possible.  If you still have questions, please fill out the following to contact us:





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Secretary: Louise Wagner




Updated - 17 January 2018 - Authorized by the MHGS Executive Board.




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