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"Branching Out From St. Clair County Illinois," the Official Quarterly for the Marissa Historical and Genealogical Society, is published four times a year.  Every member will receive a quarterly as part of their membership fee.  The Quarterly is published in November, February, May and August.


Our quarterlies include genealogical and historical information from St. Clair, Randolph, and Washington Counties.


Members of the MHGS are encouraged to submit articles of historical or genealogical interest that they would like published in the quarterly.  We do not assume responsibility for errors or fact of judgment on the part of the contributor.


Back Issues of the quarterly are available for $10.00 per copy.


The MHGS encourages other societies to contact us about arranging an exchange.  Members of societies with whom we exchange quarterlies may submit one fee query per year.  Please inform us as to which society you belong when submitting your query.  Members of our society may submit as many queries per year as the desire.


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Contents of the last "four" quarterlies:





V olume 44, Number 2                                                                                 February 2017

More pictures of Historical Society Open House

Some Descendants of Hugh and Jennet Park, Part 2

Banking in Marissa

War Affects Marissa

        Cromer Brother and their sister

        Barker Brothers

        Been Brothers

Old Salem Cemetery

Washington County, Illinois History - Nashville Illinois Journal, 1 Sep 1910

Marissa Monitor Items, 7 January 1882

John Carmichael Hamilton

Where Do I Find It

Mystery Photo


Volume 44, Number 1                                                                                 November 2016

Grand Opening

Days of 30's Recalled by Southern Illinois Writer

Sparta News-Plaindealer July 1886

Electric Lights for Evansville, June 1927

Tilden Meteor 1927

Sparta Lady Abe Lincoln's dentist

Memorial Services for Sparta's Lost Soldier Boys

Tilden & Randolph County Graduates 1941

Where to Search

Eaton Family

    Obituary of William Prentice Fulton

    Obitary of Florence Eaton

    Obituary of Henry D. Eaton

News from Elsewhere

Vida Wilson, World War II Nurse

Descendants of Pryor and Jane (McKinzie) Crews

Descendants of Hugh Park and wife Jennet, Part 1

Matthew Ryburn Tippy, Hist Children and Grandchildren

Obituaries/Deaths from the New Athens Journal, March 1945

Obituaries/Deaths from the New Athens Journal, April 1945

Obituary of Mary Arnold

Obituary of Anna (Burgan) Keim

Jordan Grove Cemetery

Mystery Photo




Volume 43, Number 4                                                                                              August 2016

Where is Reily Lake

Swanwick Names

Naming of Egypt

News From Washington County

Sparta New-Plaindealer Items

Coming to Marissa

Republican Advocate, Kaskaskia, Illinois

Newspaper Abstracts

1918 Sparta News-Plaindealer

Marissa Messenger Obituaries 1921

Looking Back

A few Sparta Obituaries

Where to Search

Levi North:  Marissa's First Sheriff





Volume 43,  Number 3                                                                                                   May 2016

Education in Southern St. Clair County

1928 Bldg. Contract-Marissa Elementary School

Baldwin Men Bid for Light Plant

Marissa Paving Case

Trailer Plant Moves to Addieville

Some of First Mobile Homes Built here

Son of Former Spartan Writes of Italian War

New Racket in Black Market

Runaway Slave tells of Shelter Given at Sparta

Bank of Ellis Grove Wrecked by BAndits

1932 New Athens Journal


R. Joseph Marion Campbell

Jacob Feurer

Andrew Hoffman

Lively Family

Johann Martin Weilmuenster Descendants

Will of Jane Weir

Will of Jean Wear

Will of Peter Wylie



Volume 43,  Number 2                                                                                                 February 2016

Randolph  County Men Capture George Washington

Randolph County and The Civil War       

Brilliant Light and 90 Foot Hole May Equal Meteorite

The Naming of Egypt

Borrowing Fire

Day of the 30's Recalled

Tilden Subway

Street Lighting Plant in Chester

Interesting History in First Copy of Marissa Messenger

Abstracts from some New Athens Journals

Marissa Couples Meet for First Time in Germany

Items from Nashville Journal, Sep 1, 1910

Items from 1918 Sparta News-Plaindealer

Marissa/Marissa Township - 1891

Farmers & Landowners Directory 1891-1892

Recipe for Friendship

Where to Search

Illinois Death Certificates Lookup Service

John McClure Hemphill, Jr.

Descendants of Samuel Chapman













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